Smart Skills for Smart People

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I realize the need for highly analytical experts to be able to communicate effectively in today’s business landscape. There is a shortage of qualified people who can also navigate the soft skills required to excel in a competitive market. More and more we are called to move beyond our expertise and navigate accelerated change in technologies, organizations and people. Utilizing TTI Success Insights Assessments allows each participant to understand how people behave, what drives them and identify soft skills and competencies they bring to the workplace.

This informs customized recommendations and programs to improve employee engagement, motivation and performance. A speaker, trainer and coach who engages in a positive, affirming way to provide keynotes and training to empower greater succession multiple levels. I believe that each of us have the capability to learn communication strategies, make authentic connections or deliver effective presentations. As this often requires individualist o move beyond their comfort zone, I continue to make myself go outside of my comfort zone by undertaking challenging physical pursuits; in 2019 I climbed Mt.Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa!



"Pam is one of the most successful business women that I know. Her ability to grasp concepts, situations, and provide solutions to her clients is unparalleled."

Mark Mozely - Highlander Technology Solutions

Pam Leinmiller
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