Communication and dealing with people have not always been strengths of mine. While growing up, my family moved a lot which entailed me attending 3 high schools and then 2 colleges! Wow, that’s a lot of meeting new people and being in new situations! These transitions propelled me to navigate massive change, acclimate to new environments and respond quickly to circumstances beyond my control. Good grades and a computer science and math degree got me that first job interview, but they didn’t guarantee the job offer! The position not only required technical excellence, but also the ability to communicate with field employees as well as customers. The skills I learned as a teenager earned me that job offer and inspired my current work.


  • National Speaker Association, Professional Member
  • NSA Georgia Chapter, Board of Directors
  • TEDxAtlanta Speaker Coach
  • Training and coaching with technical industries: IT, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing
  • Computer Science and Math degree
  • Certified in DISC Behavior Assessments, Driving Forces and Emotional Intelligence with TTI Success Insights
  • Sandler Sales Institute, President’s Club
  • Multiple positions on diverse technical teams (coding through “go live”)
  • Volunteer work; experience mastering motivation without leverage

Pam Leinmiller
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