• Training and coaching in technical industries: IT, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, finance, manufacturing
  • Elite Communications Trainer teaching excellence in communication, one-on-one or with groups
  • EDC Communications International Trainer specializing in physician speaker training, group facilitation skills and presentation excellence
  • TEDx Speaker Coach
  • Certified Analyst in DISC Behavior Assessments, Driving Forces and Emotional Intelligence with TTI Success Insights
  • VP of Finance, Board of Directors, National Speakers Association of GA
  • Sandler Sales Institute, President’s Club
  • Held multiple positions on diverse technical teams (Sales Rep, RFP Provider, Software Installation Programmer and Implementation Trainer)
  • Member, National Speaker Association Professional Members
  • Computer Science and Math degree with Honors


About Me

Mastering communication, connection, and change did not come naturally for me. Multiple relocations growing up sent me to 3 high schools and 2 colleges. Navigating massive change and acclimating to new environments were challenging, but when I interviewed for my first job, I discovered their real value. I thought that a computer science & math degree was my ticket. To my surprise, I discovered that the skills and confidence I learned as a teenager were my most valuable assets.

As I expanded my own career, I realized that others could learn and apply these same strategies and skills to improve organizational performance and advance in their careers.

The path to professional growth and success requires more than great technical knowledge. The ability to connect with others, inspire action, and adapt to changining times are the marks of a real leader today.



“Pam Leinmiller is an excellent speaking coach. Exactly what I needed. It had been a number of years since I’d done a public speaking event and I needed a set of fresh eyes on my material. I wanted to make sure the content of my keynote speech was focused, entertaining and educational. After Pam reviewed my original presentation, she provided actionable suggestions to make it more relevant to my audience, and with a clear takeaway. Pam listens to your speech with an experienced ear. Her insights and suggestions were invaluable. She knows what works and what doesn’t. As important she can help you find what works with your particular speaking style. She helped me focus my energy and present a keynote speech that has led to a number of other keynote speaking invitations. I would recommend her to a beginner or an experienced speaker who has been away from the podium for a while.”
-Tom Matte, Mental Health Marketing Strategist, Branding Consultant, Author and Speaker at Madness, Math and Marketing

Pam Leinmiller
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