Pam Leinmiller has an elevated perspective about people and their challenges. She has climbed multiple mountains, including Mount Kilimanjaro, and helps her audiences scale equally daunting heights. Pam is a speaker & strategist that guides toward clarity.

Pam is a strong navigator and confident in her journey, creating calm in complex situations.

A thought leader in clarity, though her favorite mode of travel is with clients - from C-Suite to sales teams to singular speakers. Pam leverages her broad emotional intelligence expertise to surmount technical and everyday business communication.

Pam specializes in leading sales, marketing and leadership teams to summit their goals. Her audiences and clients cover a diverse landscape - i.e., IT, healthcare, finance, pharmaceutical, leadership boards, manufacturing, research, and not-for-profits. And she coaches other outstanding thought leaders to more boldly share their own messages through TEDx and other platforms.

Clients find her strategies as compelling as her stories of challenges overcome. She captivates people as she connects. Pam’s differentiator is the way she leads individuals and organizations to confront the “mountains” on their own journeys. Pam is not a “watch me” or “do as I say” coach. Her deep understanding and expertise on thinking and learning helps brilliant leaders clarify strategy and take action.



"Pam is one of the most successful business women that I know. Her ability to grasp concepts, situations, and provide solutions to her clients is unparalleled."

Mark Mozely - Highlander Technology Solutions

Pam Leinmiller
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