Vertical Vision ~ Pam Leinmiller

Pam leverages her technical background along with her communication skills to help people express themselves clearly and fluently, with confidence. She gets energy from helping someone else get better at whatever it is they do. She coaches other thought leaders to more boldly and creatively share their own messages through TEDx and other platforms.

While most communications trainers studied in the classroom, Pam built her personal skills in the workplace, then honed her training skills through leading hundreds of professionals to improve their abilities since 2009. With a Computer Science and Math degree, she started her career as a programmer of hospital information systems. But it was her soft skills that accelerated her career, landing her as her employer’s first female Account Executive in the southeast. She was very successful, making her sales quota and achieving excellent client satisfaction scores. Pam’s focus is to likewise help other technical leaders to hone their soft skills and achieve the success they desire.

Pam’s competitive spirit started early with horseback riding, and has since manifested itself through road races and triathlons. More recently, she has taken to mountain climbing, summiting one or more each year since 2016 — except 2020 because of COVID — including summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2019. Always wanting to challenge herself and get out of her comfort zone, Pam brings this competitive spirit to her speaking, using positive reinforcement to build on clients’ strengths and constructive encouragement to help each participant improve their effectiveness.

She strives to help her clients shine having worked extensively in healthcare IT and pharma as well as software, finance, leadership boards, manufacturing, research, and not-for-profits. Contact Pam to see if she is a fit for you!

Pam Leinmiller ~ Mt. Whitney Climb