Customized Presentation Coaching

Based on your unique presentation requirements, I will formulate a one-on-one program to help you bring your thought, whitepaper, or PowerPoint into an engaging presentation.Together we will build your public speaking and presentation skills, enabling you to effectively communicate your message.

Small Group Presentation and Communication Coaching

This highly interactive program empowers your employees to:

  • Exude credibility and confidence
  • Authentically engage with customers and peers
  • Learn and practice effective listening skills
  • Convey complex ideas in clear and simple ways
  • Speak and Present with clarity
  • Other custom modules to meet your specific outcomes

Some of Pam’s coaching clients in action:

Neuroscientist Dr. Krzyszt of Czaja, Obesity Researcher
Celine Irvene, Cybersecurity Researcher
Trish Miller, Founder of Swemkids
Tom Matte, Mental Health Marketer
Pam Leinmiller
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