Peak Communication for Peak Performance

High performance organizations require high performance communications. Just like scaling the highest mountains in the world, proper skills and techniques are vital for scaling the dizzying heights of exceptional communication. These skills can be taught and used effectively, regardless of the individual’s comfort level with public speaking. The result is more cohesive teams, clearer objectives and better results.
Presented as a 45 to 60-minute keynote or interactive ½ day very interactive one-day workshop.

Communicating as If Your Life Depends on It

Climbers never climb alone, and their climbs require precise, time-sensitive communication. Similarly, in business, if you don’t communicate effectively with your team, you won’t necessarily make it. The dangers of missed communications can be devastating. Learn how to build a clear message that connects and convinces at the highest levels. Your professional life depends on it!
Presented as a 45 to 60-minute keynote or interactive ½ day very interactive one-day workshop.

Get Out of Your Own Way

Identify unique strengths, unlock potential, become more confident, communicate effectively. Go on a journey to move beyond “task ability” to “connect ability”. Practice the skills to show up appearing confident and competent in any situation.

Peopling is Hard–Professional Development

Participants will receive an in-depth understanding of the DISC methodology and awareness of individual strengths and limitations. They will gain insight into how their specific combination can either build or hinder trust, collaboration and engagement. They will work on self-awareness, effective communication, and appreciation of all styles. This will be accomplished by focusing on:

  • Understanding the DISC methodology
  • Factor strengths and how to best leverage them
  • Factor limitations and the negative impact they may have on others
  • The value each team member and differing styles bring

Driving Forces–Leadership Development

Defining what motivates individuals can help those individuals collaborate more effectively as a team. We have defined 12 forces categorized under 6 general motivators that help uncover WHY a person behaves a certain way. By exploring these forces, you can better articulate your desires that energize and detractors that exhaust us in our dealing with a team.

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