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Programs: Presented as a 45 to 60-minute keynote or interactive ½ day, very interactive one-day workshop

All programs and workshops will be customized to address your unique business challenges and offer solutions and most importantly, mobilize action!

Peak Communication for Peak Performance 

High performance organizations require high performance communications.  Just like scaling the highest mountains in the world, proper skills and techniques are vital for scaling the dizzying heights of exceptional communication.  These skills can be taught and used effectively, regardless of the individual’s comfort level with social interaction, let alone public speaking!  The result is more cohesive teams, clearer objectives and better results.

Communicating as If Your Life Depends on It

Climbers never climb alone, and their climbs require precise, time-sensitive communication.  Similarly, in business, if you don’t communicate effectively with your team, you won’t necessarily make it.  The dangers of missed communications can be devastating. Learn how to build a clear message that connects and convinces at the highest levels.  Your professional life depends on it!


Each workshop can be presented as ½ or full-day individually or back-to-back as 1 or 2 days

COmmunication renovation

Professional Development - Using their assessment results, participants will receive an in-depth understanding of the DISC methodology and awareness of their own individual strengths and limitations. Each will gain insight into how their specific combination of behavior styles can either build or hinder trust, collaboration and engagement. They will work on self-awareness, effective communication, and appreciation of all styles. Implementing the findings of their assessments and reports will:

  • Reveal behavioral preferences
  • Identifying strengths and how to best leverage them
  • Comprehending limitations and the negative impact they may have on others
  • Improve communication with peers and customers
  • Discover, develop and advance ideal talent

Driving Forces

Leadership Development - Be a better leader. Improve productivity. Increase your bottom line! Defining what motivates individuals can help those individuals collaborate more effectively as a team. WHY does a person behave in a certain way? Learn what energize each person as well as detracts and exhausts them in their daily work with clients and teams.

Emotional Intelligence 

Be happier, improve business and personal relationships, navigate social situations with ease, persuade at the highest levels. What is emotional Intelligence and how you can use it to achieve your career and life goals. How to manage and improve your emotional intelligence for maximum effectiveness.

“You were absolutely phenomenal as keynote, Pam Leinmiller!
I received fantastic reviews about your keynote and how you connected with the audience!”

-Apurva Ghelani, Director, Solutions Consulting at Fiserv

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