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All programs and workshops will be customized to address your unique
business challenges and offer solutions and most importantly, mobilize action!

What can you expect when hiring a professional NSA speaker?

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Pam is a Certified Virtual Presenter


Bring All of You to Everything You Do!

Recognize your potential, visualize your result, and start moving in the right direction. Maximize your strengths, focus on the possibilities, overcome challenges and obstacles, realize the importance and power of mindset. Leverage your many facets to achieve success.

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Pam Leinmiller - Keynotes for Tech and IT industry
Pam Leinmiller - Leadership Workshops
Pam Leinmiller - Zoom Workshops
Pam Leinmiller - Speaking Workshops


These programs can be run in a half-day or full-day format.

All programs and workshops will be customized to address your unique business challenges to offer solutions and, most importantly, mobilize action!


The Intersection of Techs + Why

Close the deal – Stop talking about how your product works and help your client understand why they need it! Communicate more than the “tech specs”, give up the geek speak and connect with your client. Help them solve their problem.

Ideal for technical or clinical sales professionals.

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Peak Communication for Peak Performance

Break through to higher productivity, increased sales and happier employees. Gain an understanding of your unique strengths and tendencies, then use that awareness to improve your interactions with colleagues and customers. A highly-interactive workshop where you get to put your new-found skills into practice!

Ideal for employee development and team building.

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Emotional Intelligence

Be happier, improve business and personal relationships, navigate social situations with ease, persuade at the highest levels. Learn how to use Emotional Intelligence to achieve your career and life goals.

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Presentation and Facilitation Skills

Learn how to build a clear message that connects and convinces at the highest levels. Your professional life depends on it! This workshop can be tailored toward the skills to speak at the front of the room or to run an effective meeting. Learn the foundation and then put it into practice with coaching.

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Give your attendees the event they deserve! Let Pam bring the energy and professionalism as she prepares the audience for each presentation. She keeps things on time and seamlessly works through the agenda, while connecting content from one segment to the next. Don’t leave success to chance!

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Pam Leinmiller - Event Emcee MC