Discover Your Dynamic DNA (aka Why do I do that?)

This is ideal for individuals and sales teams who are wondering why they aren’t seeing their desired results. You have the strategy, the plan, and all the right tools, but results aren’t happening. Learn how you work best to achieve SMARTSuccess®. Go behind the scenes to learn how YOU work so you can understand how your clients work.
Presentation can be delivered at a 60-75 minute keynote, 45-60 min breakout sessions or ½ day workshop

Discover Your Procrastination Profile-Why putting things off is putting you out of business

This is a fun and interactive presentation designed to help individuals learn where they stop themselves from completing tasks and meeting performance goals. Audiences learn 5 different Procrastination Profiles© to understand what holds them back.
Presentation is ideal for 30-45 minute keynotes or breakout sessions.

Mastering Your Message-How to Convert Opportunities into Clients and Cash.

Whether you’re making a sale or networking, the ability to effectively communicate what you do is key. Learn the top mistakes people make when speaking about their work or their product, why you should ditch the dreaded elevator speech, and how to speak so that potential clients say, ‘I need you.’
This is ideal for anyone who attends networking events, outside sales teams and people with complex technical sales looking to mainstream their geek-speak.
Presentation can be delivered at a 45-60 min keynote or breakout session, and as a ½ day workshop

Speak Your Mind to Grow Your Career

The ability to speak clearly and effectively is essential in any business. People don’t buy you product or service, the buy YOU. And-they base that decision by how you show up in the world-online and in person, by what you say and what you stand for.
Learn the key components needed to help you standout in your field, establish yourself as an expert and gain media attention.
This is perfect for small-business owners and entrepreneurs. The presentation can be delivered as a 60 minute keynote or breakout session.

ALL presentations are customized for your audience and include a pre-event strategy meeting as well as a follow-up call.

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