The National Speakers Association (NSA) logo displayed on my website stands for much more than an organization to which I pay dues. NSA members offer value to all who work with professional speakers.

Speakers are hired for their expertise, but that is only useful if the presenter is able to capture and keep participants’ attention, wrap their information in stories that stick, and offer action steps that translate into value your leaders, teams and event participants can take home and put to work.

When hiring a speaker, you will surely review their expertise and experience, but also ask about their training as a professional presenter. Active members of the National Speakers Association invest thousands of dollars and hours studying the art and business of speaking. We attend monthly chapter meetings and national conferences, and are part of a community of speaking industry professionals who share knowledge, tips, strategies and values.

NSA members adhere to a professional code of conduct, and this comes with the additional benefit of a professional ethics board that stands ready to mediate disputes or misunderstandings that might arise between you and the speaker.

Expect an NSA speaker to:

  • Listen before they talk – to you or your audience
  • Notify you when they’ve arrived so you can worry about other people
  • Show up early, start on time and always end on time
  • Bring experience with faulty AV equipment, fire drills and other challenges that
  • inexperienced speakers won’t know how to handle
  • Understand the challenges you face so they can help make your event a success
  • Make their presentation about your audience and not about themselves
  • Deliver value far above their speaking fee

When you work with an NSA speaker, you benefit from an entire community of professionals who support each other, share expertise and push for utmost professionalism. NSA speakers offer the highest level of professional affiliation, pursue training, have experience and are committed to professional development. Be sure to ask speakers you are considering about these things. The responses you will receive from NSA speakers will surprise, delight and inspire you! I’m proud to be a member of this organization.

National Speakers Association
Proud Member of the National Speakers Association